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Covid-19 Resources and Services


This information will be updated as developments occur.

To learn more about coronavirus, visit these localstate and federal sites.

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Some services may be adjusted to comply with social distancing guidelines.


Health and Safety

Returned Materials

  • We will not be accepting any returns. Due dates on all borrowed items will be extended. No fines or late fees will be charged while we are closed. Please keep any NPL materials until further notice.

Building Capacity (Effective November 19)

  • The library is temporarily closed at this time. No customers are premitted inside the building. 


  • The library will continue to sanitize and disinfect surfaces and other high-touch areas regularly, throughout the day

  • The library's cleaning services will be visiting several times per week to clean and disinfect surfaces and other high-touch areas

Other Precautions

  • The library will continue to provide protective equipment to staff to use when handling library materials or interacting with customers.

  • Plexiglass shields are installed at frequently used service points

  • Social Distancing will be enforced at all times

  • Masks are required

Please remember we have limited hours and access to keep customers and staff safe and to stop the spread of Covid-19. We will continue to refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and The Indiana State Department of Health for recommendations and tips on keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Any updates and changes we make will be communicated to the public as soon as possible through our social media channels and our website (nappaneelibrary.org). We are forever grateful for your kind words, patience, and understanding.

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